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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blogging Again! (No REALLY back)

Okay, I've said it before and didn't follow through. But now I'm really motivated and committed to blog about my creative fun from the Raspberry Room. I've recently moved and settled into my new home with my best friend (hubby). Dan (for those that don't know that's hubby/best friend) insisted we could only buy a home that had a "proper" room for my studio. Gotta love that man! Of course he did have a motivation, as he thought I would be impossible to live with if I didn't have my art "therapy" room.

In any case I'm back and plan on posting on a regular basis. Part of my motivation is the fresh start in our new home. The other part is reading my son's newly established blog. Reading and feeling the excitement about his passion really pushed me to move forward with my own. BTW, if you love a challenge, don't mind getting "dirty" and enjoy staying physically fit, then his blog is a great read and can be found here http://dirtybirddiary.blogspot.com/.

Okay this post was spontaneous, and I didn't prepare for the post, so I'll share with you a darling thank you card I recently received from http://laurelbeard.wordpress.com/. Thanks Laurel, loved it!

Until next time, which WILL be SOON,
Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much, Jean ~